Dock & Waterfront Lighting

Expert dock and waterfront lighting service

Illuminating your waterfront property

If your property is on the water, dock and waterfront lighting is a natural extension of your landscape lighting.  If you have a boat or yacht docked along your pier, proper lighting is essential in providing safety and security.  Whether you’re taking an evening stroll along your pier or docking your boat after an evening on the water, you want to see the pier and feel comfortable where you are walking and/or docking your boat.  Dock and pier lighting adds beauty, safety, and security for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy.

Enhance waterfront charm with illumination

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Bright Side Custom Outdoor Lighting ensures that every aspect of your dock and waterfront lighting project is executed with precision and care. From strategically placed fixtures that illuminate pathways and guideposts to subtle accent lighting that highlights architectural features and landscaping elements, our comprehensive approach to lighting design transforms your waterfront property into a stunning and functional oasis.

Experience the transformative power of light with Bright Side Custom Outdoor Lighting’s dock and waterfront lighting service, where every sunset is met with brilliance and every shoreline adventure is illuminated with clarity and beauty.

  • Extension of your Outdoor Lighting

    Bright Side Custom Outdoor Lighting seamlessly integrates dock and waterfront lighting into your outdoor lighting scheme, extending the elegance and functionality of your property onto the water's edge.

  • Increased Mooring Visbility

    Illuminate your mooring area with precision and clarity, ensuring safe navigation and enhanced visibility for incoming vessels, all achieved through our expertly designed dock and waterfront lighting solutions.

  • Beauty, Safety, and Security

    Elevate the allure of your waterfront property while enhancing safety and security with our specialized dock and waterfront lighting systems, engineered to accentuate beauty, deter potential hazards, and provide peace of mind along your shoreline.

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Bright Side Dock & Waterfront Lighting Gallery

Dive into the serene ambiance of waterfront living with Bright Side’s Dock & Waterfront Lighting Gallery. Explore how our tailored lighting solutions illuminate docks, shorelines, and water features, enhancing safety, beauty, and nighttime enjoyment along the waterfront.

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